Adding Video to Your Web Site

This is actually easier than it might appear. Think of your video clip as just another adding a graphic. The only difference is the size of the file. Video clips, even short ones, can be rather large so video that is destined for the web must be compressed in order to make the files manageable and, even more important, downloadable. The MPEG1 compression format is ideal for this. Files can be reduced in size sufficiently so that they can be downloaded in a reasonable period of time and still be of high enough quality to make the kind of presentation you intended.
There are just three steps required to get your video clips onto your web site:

1) Have your video clip(s) encoded using MPEG1 compression.

2) Upload the compressed file to your web site.

3) Add a link on your site to the file containing the compressed clip.

The visitor simply clicks on the newly added link. When the downloading process is completed, the Windows Media Player on their own system will open and begin playing the video clip almost immediately.

A word about file size:

You should consider the length of your video clips when preparing them for use on the web. A one minute compressed video clip will take approximately 6 to 10 minutes to download, depending on the visitor's modem speed. If you have longer clips, it might be advisable to prepare two versions, with one being rather short. This will give the visitor a choice of downloading the short clip, first, to see if the content is of interest to him/her. Also be aware the clip will appear in a small "window" of 160 by 120 pixels. Although it is possible to compress for a larger playback size, this increases the file size and the downloading time substantially.