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Welcome to our transfer facility here in beautiful Wethersfield, Connecticut.  
Let's take a few moments to find out just what happens to your home movie film.  
Our company, TFG Film & Tape, has been in the film-to-tape transfer business since 1981. The demand for high quality, low cost film transfers is of prime importance to our customers. Whether we're transferring consumer home movies for our large base of local video stores or irreplaceable historical films for the Mark Twain Foundation you can rest assure each transfer is given the proper care and attention it deserves. We'd like to extend this same level of service to you.
The Process:
editing bench When your film is received by our lab it is first inspected on our edit bench. It is at this initial stage that much of the preparation work goes into your home movie transfer. This is where we painstakingly pour over every foot of your film, salvaging as much as we can, repairing poorly applied or dried splices and patching torn sprocket holes. Unexposed film sections (either totally clear or opaque) will be removed, with your approval, to give you a smoother uninterrupted film transfer. Small 50' (3") reels are pre-loaded onto plastic 400' reels in the order you have them marked. New leader is then attached to the head and tail of the reel and, finally, each reel is cleaned and lubricated with a special film treatment before the film transfer takes place. In short, your film is in better condition after leaving our edit bench than when it arrived!

Our system includes an RCA TK-28B telecine camera and multiplexor. The TK-28B is a three-tube vidicon film chain. It separates the film's picture into its red, green and blue elements before processing. The TK-28B is equipped with a 5 "F" stop inconel neutral density light wheel to compensate for density and exposure in real time. Exposure correction is accomplished automatically every 1/30th of a second by measuring the peak white level in the output of the video signal. Automatic black level is also used to provide for proper gamma range. Color correction is applied to maintain accurate whites in the clearest parts of the film frame. Detail correction is adjusted and injected into the luminance channel based on the overall sharpness level of the film and, finally, Faroudja® electronic image enhancing is applied to the composite color video signal to compensate for high frequency loss during the recording to videocassette. telecine island

We take pride in handling each and every order on an individual basis. With that in mind every effort will be made to meet your specific requirements, but please be advised that we are not able to offer a specific delivery date. All film transfers are processed in the order in which they are received. Our normal turnaround time is running 4 to 6 weeks. 

If you have any questions on our services, please feel free to call or email us.

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Our Toll Free Phone #:  1-800-773-2753

Call us with any questions or concerns you may have. 9:30-5:30 (E.S.T.) M-F