We developed the BLOOPER in response to a need for filmmakers to be able to silently slate the picture and sound track during a documentary shoot.

The BLOOPER is simply connected into the audio line between the microphone and tape recorder. Pressing a button will produce a bright flash of light and a tone burst substituted for the mic signal. The result being a 5-10 frame audible and visual marking to aid the editor in syncing up the dailies.

The unit has been provided with standard XLR input/output connectors making it compatible with not only our own sync conversions, but any professional recorder. The unit features a permanent, superbright red LED for clear visibility even in high ambient lighting situations. It requires only a single 9 volt alkaline battery. Construction is of cast and machined aluminum. A heavy duty clip at the back allows for hanging the unit from a belt or pants pocket. An external adjustment for the bloop tone level is provided to compensate for any recording gain and/or input impedance. The unit is designed around a CMOS integrated circuit assuring negligible power drain in the standby mode.

Based around the premise that simple is better, the Blooper is as basic as you can get. It does what it is designed to do without any fancy numerical readout. However, for those filmmakers who feel the need to mark their scenes in some fashion, we offer our free Poor Mans Digital Slate option!

The Poorman's Digital Slate Option:

Since we do not offer a true digital slate we are giving owners of our BLOOPER the option of manually marking their scenes and takes. Enclosed with each unit is a black Expo Erasable Marker. With this special marker you can write your number notations right on the front plate of the BLOOPER. The markings will wipe clean easily with a dry tissue.

Price: $400

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