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Canon Scoopic M/MS Crystal Control Modification


The Canon Scoopic M/MS 16mm camera has long been regarded as an ideal MOS camera for newsreels, industrials, documentaries and wildlife cinematography. It is also probably one of the better 16mm camera buys on the used market these days. Although the basic film load is only 100', the camera can also be fitted with an optional 400' CP-style magazine via a special adaptor. The lens is an integral Canon 12.5 to 75mm f/1.8 (T2.5) with macro capability. Automatic or manual exposure control is selectable as are the five filming speeds of 16, 24, 32, 48 and 64 fps. The camera weighs 7.5 pounds with film and battery.

Our crystal control modification allows the Canon M/MS to be used with any sync sound recorder  for double-system filming. The running speed of the camera is locked to a precise quartz crystal oscillator with an accuracy of 1/10th of one frame.

The crystal sync conversion is completely internal to the camera. A sync indicator LED is installed at the rear of the camera to the right of the eyepiece. A toggle switch to activate crystal control is located on the control side next to the power switch. The conversion can be supplied for 24fps, 25fps or 30fps (please specify at time of order).

Price: $600  (this is for the crystal conversion, only. The Scoopic camera is not included)

*Also available for the black-body Scoopic M/MS...

-External Power Cable:   4-pin male XLR plug to female Canon plug x 5' long:  $80 + shipping.


*Please note: There is an early version of the Scoopic M that has an external battery connector similar to the older Scoopic 16 (this camera is grey in color). It will not accept the battery cable we offer without an update conversion to the socket on the camera. We can perform this update for an additional $60 plus return shipping on the camera. You can tell if your camera is current by the looking at the number of studs around the outside of the socket. If there are three, it is the current style and there is no problem. If it has only two studs, it will need to be changed before you can use the cable.