Standards Conversion

In today's global economy it has become commonplace for people in business to share videos with clients and vendors throughout the world. The fact is, most foreign countries use a different television standard than the United States. Unless these videocassettes are converted for the country in which they will be used, they may remain completely unplayable!

Our Standards Conversion process allows us to make a duplicate of your incoming foreign video so that you can play the tape on your own VCR. Using the same technology, we can also correctly convert your videos before they are shipped overseas. This will insure they are immediately viewable by your contacts as soon as they arrive at their destination, saving precious time and needless frustration.

Conversion Rates:
From VHS or 8mm Video Tapes or PAL DVD's to VHS:

Up to 1 Hour = $17.00
60 to 90 mins = $23.00
2 hours = $28.00

Pricing includes the cost of the conversion and blank videocassette.