MPEG1 Video Conversion

We can convert your videos to the MPEG1 compression standard and deliver them to you on a CD-ROM. MPEG1 video clips will play in most any Windows compatible PC or laptop without special hardware*. This makes them ideal for sales presentations, training programs, infomercials, news releases...anything you need to view right on your desktop...and without having to set up a VCR!

Our high-quality conversion process should not be confused with the typical low resolution systems on the market. We start by digitizing your original video material at a data rate of up to 6000kB/s, often refered to as broadcast quality. Next, we compress the captured clip at the bitrate necessary to meet your platform requirements. Typically, this will be at a screen resolution of 352 x 240 pixels and a CD data rate of X1 or X2. However, if you computer allows for it, we can provide larger size custom screen resolutions and data rates that will enhance the viewing quality.

Conversion Charges:

$75/first 5 minutes, $5/each additional min (same continuous clip)
$50/first 5 minutes, $5/each additional min (each additional continuous clip)
CD Burning Charges:  $10/first CD, $8.00/each additional CD

The Windows Media Player is available as part of a typical Windows install or as a free download from the Microsoft web site. Media Player, or some version of it, is required to play back MPEG1 files on your computer. Media Player is also available, free, for the Mac.

*These charges are based on conversions for the MPEG1 standard resolution of 352 x 240. Custom conversions will be quoted upon request.