Editing & Post Production
It's very common nowadays for companies, institutions and organizations to use camcorders to videotape various functions and operations. Events which may happen on the spur of the moment or over extended periods of time where it might prove impractical to solicit the expertise of a professional videographer can sometimes be handled in such a manner. At some point, however, this material may need to be shaped into something more cohesive than simply a collection of random scenes. This is where the whole concept of editing and post production comes in. For this, we use a process known as non-linear editing. Using a sophisticated computer as a base, non-linear editing involves capturing or digitizing all the various audio and video segments required for the production into the computer's hard drive. In addition, any still images, graphics or other flat art that may be required can be scanned into the system, as well. From here, these elements can be cut and pasted in place, much like you would do with a common word processor, thereby building the video program segment by segment.

Utilizing a process known as "cut & paste", the editor arranges the various scenes, also known as clips, on the timeline. Scenes may be rearranged as needed, effects added and titles composed. All this is done within the framework of the computer. 

The production antages of non-linear editing over conventional VCR to VCR editing are enormous. For instance, the almost unlimited capability to make changes, additions and deletions. Since there is no recording or copying of the video material until the actual print to tape, you are free to review and alter the material at will and well before making a commitment to the final product. Once in digital form, a skillful editor can manipulate the various visual and aural elements at will. Tightening up scenes, correcting for off-color video, smoothing out audio levels...now become simple tasks. Beyond basic editing, the non-linear process invites the use of complex scene changes and effects, including applying motion to graphics or titles and the layering of visual elements to make an impression on the viewer all but impossible with conventional editing methods

We approach the "editing for hire" concept somewhat differently than other companies in that we prefer to bid each assignment, up front. After we have had an opportunity to meet with you and look over your outline, scan your video material, etc. we will provide a price quote to complete the project. Once agreed upon by you, the price quoted will be the final cost for the work.

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