Streaming Media Conversions

Streaming media is audio, video and other multimedia content which are streamed from a server either across the internet, to the general public, or on a corporate intranet, for private use. Streaming is a way of sending media files so that playback begins as the first data packets arrive at their destination. In other words, the content is viewed on the fly. Streaming is an alternative to using formats like MPEG1 which require the files to be downloaded completely before they can be played. What streaming means to your viewer is that there are no lengthy downloads before they can view the program or clip. There is only a short period of time prior to viewing the content, usually about ten seconds, in which the data is stored on the viewers system (known as buffering) so the playback is not delayed in the event of temporary network congestion. The trade-off, if you want to call it that, is in the quality of the video the viewer ultimately sees. Because streaming uses a much lower data rate than MPEG1 it generally suffers from a picture lacking in detail and, in cases of a very slow modem connection, smoothness of motion. Streaming is generally the method of choice where the informational content is more important than picture quality.

We can encode any video or audio format using RealNetwork's RealVideo streaming system. We find it offers the best overall quality per the data rate selected and is completely cross compatible between both PC's and Mac's. We can also encode using the Windows Media Format.


RealVideo Encoding Rates

$75- 1st video clip up to 5 continuous minutes in length*
+$5- for each additional minute (same clip)

$50- additional clips up to 5 continuous minutes in length
+$5- for each additional minute (same clip)>

$25- for each additional data rate/frame size, up to 5 minutes
+$5- for each additional minute (same clip)

$10- CD Burn
$85- Per hour for additional editing or titling- adding chapter points,
breaks, graphics, repairing poor audio, cropping video, etc.

15- VHS dub for approval prior to encoding

Encoding Technical Information

*Video clips will normally be supplied in a single data rate (either 28K, 56K or DSL/Cable) and in a single frame size of 176x120 using a speed of 10-30fps. These clips will play back from any standard HTML web server (uploading instructions are supplied on the CD).
For clients who will be using a RealVideo Server for hosting their clips we suggest having us encode their material using RealNetworks's SureStream system. SureStream allows for multiple speed playback from a single clip. Rates for SureStream are based on encoding for a single-speed clip.