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Welcome to Digger's List. Here you will find a selection of accumulated IC's and other electronic components I've collected over the years from designs, repairs and just plain junk collecting. Like many of you I sometimes find I'm in dire need of some long-discontinued, obsolete or hard to locate integrated circuit. The usual sources probably have nothing to offer and the only alternative is to pay big bucks to one of the many NOS parts brokers out there. The ones who feel it necessary to charge a $200 minimum just to sell us a few IC's to complete a project or repair. It's getting harder and harder to find older components making it difficult to keep legacy electronic and industrial equipment running. I'm not a parts dealer. The parts I have to offer are spares or are of no use to me so rather than toss them out I'm maintaining this little list in the hopes of helping others.

If we all did the same with our spare parts what a wonderfull world it would be!

OK, here's how this works. As I said, I'm not a dealer so I need to make this simple for both of us. The list is as current as I can make it but if you see a part you need, email me to make sure I still have it (or can find it) first. Most IC's, crystals and transistors are $5 - $10 each plus a flat charge of $7.00 per order for UPS shipping (out of the US is based on USPS web site rates for your country). In some cases I may have only one of any particular part and in some cases I may have a several. I will only sell up to 3 of any one item. When you have your list together, email me and I will work up a total price for you. Then, if you still want the parts, you can send me a postal money order. I'm not interested in selling to brokers or dealers so don't even ask me.

If you're a hobbiest or are trying to affect a repair on a unit, let's do some business.

Be sure to put the words "Digger's List" in the subject as I get tons of junk mail

Recently I had to find a Phillips microcontroller to repair a video system I own. A part only recently discontinued. None of the dozen or so NOS parts suppliers I contacted would even give me the time of day. None except one. A company in Hong Kong named TOWN TARGET TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Not only did they respond they gave me a very fair price for a small order of three pieces and Air Mail shipping. They even accept Paypal!

Patrick Cheung
Town Target Technology Limited
Address : 1805-7, Wu Sang House, 655 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel : 2505-5838 Fax : 2505-8121
E-mail :
Web-site : or

These parts are not in any particular order as I add them when I find them. You can use the "find in page" search function available under  the Edit button in your browser. All parts are believed to be good. Any that are not can be returned within 10 days for a refund. Most parts are NOS spares and others are pulls from socketed systems. None are unsoldered from boards. I have listed the parts using the #'s & markings on the IC and in some cases described them or the device they were removed from as an aid to those doing Google searches. I may not know much else about the part or it's function and I would not have any data sheets. Finally, some of these may still be current products available elsewhere at less than my $5.00 price so please shop around.

Updated 3/19/05

MM5369AA/N      8-pin DIP, oscillator/divider, produces 60hz. using 3.58mhz TV color burst crystal

MM5369EST/N      8-pin DIP, oscillator/divider, produces 100hz using 3.58mhz TV color burst crystal

CA3096E      16-pin DIP (RCA) transistor array

3.57596mhz      HC-49/U xtal

24.576mhz      HC-49/S xtal

97SE283      T0-3, NPN transistor

LF13300D      18-pin DIP

CRT-5037      40-pin DIP

CRT-5027      40-pin DIP

JRC 4556D      8-pin DIP

JRC 4558DY      8-pin DIP

MM5863N      28-pin DIP

MM5321N      16-pin DIP

SK3465      8-pin DIP

SK3122      NPN transistor

SK3124      NPN transistor

SK3024      NPN transistor

SK3054      NPN transistor

SK3009      PNP transistor

SK3018      NPN transistor

SK3019      NPN transistor

SK3035      PNP transistor

SK3006      PNP transistor

ECG1164       Processing Circuit (replaces AN245) 

ECG712      FM & TV Sound IF/DET

ECG7104      TV Vert. Deflection

ECG1788      TV Vert. Deflection (replaces Zenith 221-347-01)

ECG1797      TV Vert. Deflection

ECG797      Chroma Procesor 

NTE1788      TV Vert. Deflection

NTE5424      TV Power Supply Switch

NTE1782      TV Vert. Deflection 

ECG859      14-pin DIP

ECG159      transistor

ECG312      transistor

LM308AN      8-pin DIP

MC68B02P      40-pin DIP

74125N      14-pin DIP

CA3144G      16-pin DIP (RCA)

TL094CN      14-pin DIP

MC1455U      8-pin DIP

MM5610N      16-pin DIP

MM5736N      16-pin DIP

MC14046B      16-pin DIP

MC14528B      16-pin DIP

MC14001B      16-pin DIP

MC14023B      16-pinDIP

MC14043B      16-pin DIP

MC1658L      16-pin DIP

MC1414L      14-pin DIP

MTD135P      14-pin DIP

LM3905N      8-pin DIP

SAB8031A-P      40-pin DIP      Bin 4

SC11014CN      24-pin DIP      Bin 4

82C55A      40-pin DIP      Bin 4

P87C52EBPN      40-pin DIP      Bin 4

HM6116P-4      24-pin DIP      Bin 4

IMSG171P-35G      28-pin DIP      Bin 4

IDT7164L30P      28-pin DIP      Bin 4

P80C550      44-pin PLCC      Bin 4

IDT74823ATSO      24-pin SM      Bin 4

MC10125P      16-pin DIP      Bin 4

MC14012      14-pin DIP      Bin 4

MC1456      8-pin DIP

MC145      8-pin DIP

DS3658N      16-pin DIP      Bin 4

TLP5595G      6-pin DIP      Bin 4

MIR681001P-25      32-pin DIP      Bin 4

M5M4256AP      16-pin DIP, Tandy Computer Memory

LM833N      8-pin DIP

8344      40-pin DIP

XR215CN      16-pin DIP

MC6850P      24-pin DIP

MC6803L      40-pin DIP

MC68B09P      40-pin DIP      Bin 4

MC68A52P      24-pin DIP      Bin 5

MC6845P      40-pin DIP      Bin 5

MC3447P      24-pin DIP      Bin 5

MC146818P      24-pin DIP      Bin 5

MC68661PB      28-pin DIP      Bin 5

MM76ELB8615-12      40-pin DIP      Bin 5

MCM6288P-25      22-pin DIP      Bin 5

VT-6288-25PC      22-pin DIP      Bin 5

MK4315N-4      16-pin DIP      Bin 5

KM4146B-15      16-pin DIP      Bin 5

SC76828P      24-pin DIP      Bin 5

P61XX0103F      28-pin DIP      Bin 5

D7201AC      40-pin DIP      Bin 5

D41256015      16-pin DIP      Bin 5

D8202A      40-pin DIP      Bin 5

P8742AH      40-pin DIP      Bin 5

P8276      40-pin DIP      Bin 5

P8274      40-pin DIP      Bin 5

IDT7202LA35P      28-pin DIP      Bin 5

DM875421      24-pin DIP      Bin 4

MAX232CPE      16-pin DIP      Bin 4

MB81256-10      16-pin DIP      Bin 5

IMSG176P-50      28-pin DIP      Bin 5

MK4864N-120      28-pin DIP      Bin 5

DP8340N      28-pin DIP      Bin 5

DP8341N      28-pin DIP      Bin 5

BQ4010YMA-200      8Kx8 Nonvolatile SRAM      Bin5

DS12887      Dallas Realtime Clock      Bin 5

DS12444-120     Dallas (?)      Bin 5

TC4081BP      14-pin DIP      Bin 4

AM2813DC      28-pin DIP      Bin 4

AM26LS32PC      16-pin DIP     Bin 4

AM2910PC      40-pin DIP

AM25S558DC      40-pin DIP

AM25S558PC      40-pin DIP

AM26LS32PC      16-pin DIP      Bin 4

63S28N      20-pin DIP      Bin 4

SN75451BP      8-pin DIP      Bin 4

NSC831NI      40-pin DIP      Bin 4

IMS1423P-25      20-pin DIP      Bin 4

P80C32      40-pin DIP      Bin 4

TBP28L22N      20-pin DIP

HD14049BP      14-pin DIP

MC6800L8      64-pin DIP

MK4801AJ-3      24-pin DIP (Mostek)

CXK5864BP-12L    28-pin DIP CMOS Ram (Sony)

CY7C169A-35PC     20-pin DIP 4Kx4 RAM

93471DMQB      18-pin DIP Fairchild     Bin 5

TRW 108J      40-pin DIP     Bin 5 

(The following parts are all socketed and will be pulled, upon your order, from a BTS XD SR digital noise reducer)

IDT 374P      20-pin DIP (XD#1)

IDT 244P      20-pin DIP (XD#1)

IDT 161P      16-pin DIP (XD#1)

CY7C148-25PC      18-pin DIP (XD#1)

HEF4528BP      16-pin DIP (XD#1)

HEF4046BP      16-pin DIP (XD#1)

L29C520PC-1      24-pin DIP (Logic) (XD#1, #10)

SDT534P      20-pin DIP (XD#2)

LMU8UPC      40-pin DIP (Logic) (XD#2, #6 & tub)

MB8264A-15      16-pin DIP, memory chips (XD#3, #7)

MK4801AN-55      24-pin DIP (Mostek) (XD#2, #4, #8)

ICM75555IPA      8-pin DIP (Maxim) (XD#6)


(Misc. parts and components, price to be determined)

JT-124-BM      Jensen transformer

E26J      26-pin female video camera cable connector

E26PCM      26-pin male chassis mount connector   

TRW 1048J6C      28-pin DIP

TRW 1016J5C8      40-pin DIP

TRW 1008J4C      40-pin DIP

TRW MPY12HJ      64-pin DIP     Bin 5  

I also have lots of "74ALS" series IC's too numerous to even catalog.
If you need something you cannot find from the suppliers below, email me and I will take a look for you.